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Security is an essential consideration in the construction business. With around £11 trillion spent every year in this industry, there is a lot at risk. Here we’ll look at some of the main considerations and the best ways to address these.

Threats to construction security

One of the primary threats to the construction industry is theft. This could be opportunistic or planned, but a lack of security on a construction site leaves your assets at risk of being stolen.

Another threat to bear in mind is vandalism. Construction sites, left unguarded, can be a target for graffiti artists, hooligans and others. Vandals can quickly damage or undo the work carried out by construction workers, potentially costing your business a lot of money.

Sadly, terrorism is another threat that needs to be considered. A few precautions can considerably reduce the risk of a terror incident happening on one of your construction sites.

Because construction sites are in a constant state of change, it’s important that you adopt a security strategy that will keep your assets safe throughout the period that your firm is working on a site.

Securco Construction Security

Risk analysis

Because every construction site is different, it’s important to carry out a detailed analysis of the security risks present in your business. At Securco, we offer state-of-the-art risk analysis software that will identify where the biggest risks are – it’s better to address them with a round-the-clock solution.

Combating risk

At Securco, we take a three-pronged approach to combating risk. The first of these is deterrent. Signs and a visible presence will alert would-be thieves, vandals and terrorists, drawing attention to the security measures of the site.

The second is detection. Our up-to-the-minute systems and trained staff will work around the clock to immediately notice any breach of security on the premises.

Finally, there is response: dealing swiftly and effectively with anyone breaching security on your construction site.

Types of construction security

Securco offers a variety of expert solutions to security considerations in the construction sector.

First and perhaps most important of all is security guards or K9 security, as nothing can replace the presence of trained staff for deterring, detecting and responding to security breaches on a construction site.

Related to these are keyholding, mobile patrols and alarm response, which deal with breaches in a swift and targeted manner as soon as an alarm is sounded.

As physical defences are vital too, we provide concrete barriers and fencing. We also install CCTV systems and alarm systems, which help form a first line of defence against security breaches.

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