Campus Community and Safety Officers

When you’re responsible for safeguarding the health and wellbeing of your students, as well as the physical property of your building and the various assets and possessions stored within it, education security becomes a deeply pressing issue.

There have been various high profile cases where education security failed, was flawed or was simply insufficient, and the ramifications of getting it wrong can be extremely serious. From having the right front of house and reception security measures to implementing the right monitoring and alarm systems, our services ensure that you get it right.

The threats that exist in education security

Although varied in nature, security threats for education providers typically centre around the risk of:

  • Theft – of physical and digital property
  • Vandalism – of premises
  • Terrorism and crimes against persons – something extremely topical
  • Unauthorised access
Campus Community Officers & Education Security

Risk analysis

Education providers must have the right security services in place, and this means first assessing needs and creating a security plan and risk management processes. We have developed cutting-edge risk analysis software which assists with this process and ensures that the risk assessment process is thorough and robust. Once security risks are established, our highly experienced and professional team can assist you with our three-point approach to risk management: deter, detect and respond.

We put in place measures to deter would-be criminals, terrorists or other malicious situations from entering the premises or occurring at all. Where incidents do occur, we rapidly detect them using state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and surveillance. We rapidly implement the appropriate response to contain the security risk and to mitigate it, seeking to protect people, property and physical assets at all times.

Security services for the education sector

Our team is highly experienced and skilled in the field and we have years of hands-on expertise to bring to your school, college, university or private training premises. Our staff are all accredited, highly trained and heavily vetted for your total peace of mind – and we take real pride in offering a superb service to our customers at all times.

Our security services include:

  • Security guards – for physical presence, deterrence and reassurance to parents and students
  • Keyholding, mobile patrols and alarm response – to continuously monitor and safeguard education campuses
  • Front of house and reception – to effectively safeguard the immediate point of entry to the education premises
  • Risk analysis – initial assessment and regular review of approach to ensure it remains fit for purpose

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