Event security management

When you are responsible for hosting an event, security will always be at the forefront of your mind. From corporate galas, conferences and trade shows through to music festivals, cultural events and large private parties, the need for a robust security solution is clear.

An overview of event security

The main challenge for planning event security is to ensure that large volumes of people are safeguarded within a public space. In many event contexts, people will be in close proximity to people that they don’t necessarily know, in a large venue which may have multiple entrances and event spaces. This means that the event must be carefully assessed beforehand for potential security risks before a robust plan and associated processes are drawn up. Our expert team can help you with this, using years of experience in the field to give you peace of mind.

Securco Event Management & Event Security

The security risks that events face

The varied risks that can be present at any event include:

  • Theft – of assets on the premises or of other attendees’ belongings
  • Vandalism – of the premises or the property of other attendees
  • Terrorism – particularly where events are public, open-access and held in high-profile spaces which may be targeted for political or cultural reasons.
  • Other common risks include assault and other crimes at events.

Carrying out an event security risk analysis

The multiple security risks that exist at any event must be fully assessed and mitigated with the right services. We can help you to carry out a risk assessment of your event venue and then put a robust, fit for purpose plan in place that will safeguard your attendees and premises alike. We have developed cutting-edge risk analysis software that weighs up potential risks against their magnitude and likelihood of occurrence, allowing you to prioritise your security activities and to put the right processes in place.

Combating event security risks

Our approach involves managing security at every stage – from providing visible deterrents to reduce the risk of a security incident happening in the first place, through to detecting incidents as they occur, and then putting in place rapid and appropriate responses.

The event security services that we offer

Our security services package for events includes:

  • Event security – for event entrances and within the event premises – with accredited, experienced and professional staff.
  • Executive protection – for key identified individuals such as performers, speakers or high net worth individuals
  • Risk analysis – to comprehensively assess your event and to ensure that the right plan is in place.

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