Safety and Security

Security within the UK healthcare sector is an extremely serious consideration for all facilities management teams. All members of staff within the sector need to be reassured they are safe while delivering essential medical treatments and interventions, while patients and visitors also need to be assured of their continued safety. Significant security threats are commonplace in the sector, however, so it’s important that risk assessments are carried out on a regular basis to help identify potential hazards at an early stage.

Some security threats to the healthcare industry

Excluding issues with the safety of personal data and cybersecurity, some of the most common physical security threats in the healthcare sector include:

– Thefts
– Vandalism
– Terrorism
– Physical assaults on staff or patients

Securco Healthcare Security

Risk analysis

We offer accurate and comprehensive risk analysis software to healthcare providers which can help identify likely risks and hazards. This risk analysis is tailored to individual healthcare providers.

Ways to combat risk within healthcare organisations

Once a risk assessment is conducted and likely risks have been identified, healthcare organisations need to consider the effective solutions most suited to their needs. These can be deterrents, detection or response solutions. And, our services are geared towards meeting client requirements exactly.

Our core services to the healthcare sector

We offer a range of core services to healthcare providers and these can be customised to suit needs more exactly. Our precise risk assessments help identify all likely hazards and we also provide:

Security guards, which is ideal for remote sites or busy A&E departments where threats of physical assault or vandalism are more likely to occur on a regular basis

Keyholding, mobile patrols and alarm response to suit requirements of GP surgeries or remote locations on sites that are not manned 24/7

Front of house and reception services are also available 24/7 to suit the needs of healthcare providers in any location

– 1-2-1 patient watch can be an important requirement for secure services within sectors like mental health and our trained operatives have all the empathy required to offer the courteous, professional patient watch service needed in sensitive environments of this nature


There is a range of dangerous situations which can impact on the safety of any employee working within the healthcare sector. Organisations partnering with Securco can mitigate the levels of risk faced by workers in any area of the business, while also ensuring the safety of all visitors and patients. We provide the sensitive security solutions required within the caring environment, so patients can experience the essential healing needed within any secure healthcare facility.

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