Protecting retail

Retail businesses face more security risks than ever before. Not only do physical shopfront premises throw up the more familiar risks of theft and vandalism, but terrorism and malicious attacks are now potential threats. Those retail businesses with e-commerce operations may use the internet to sell, but they will still have warehouses and storage facilities to safeguard from the same types of security risk.

In summary, the main types of security threat that retail businesses need to plan for and manage are:

  • Theft of stock and other retail assets
  • Vandalism of premises
  • Terrorist attacks
  • Malicious intent and individual attacks, such as an assault on customers or staff.

Analysing the risks of retail security

Our highly experienced team of security experts work with retailers to help them identify, plan for and mitigate the security threats that face their retail businesses. We have developed cutting-edge risk analysis software which helps to identify possible risks and quantify them in terms of possible impact and likelihood. This helps business leaders to plan their security resources correctly and to buy in the right services to safeguard their businesses and the people that work and shop in them.

Our approach to combating risk

We take a three-pronged approach to protecting the businesses of our retail customers with security services. Our ethos is to deter, detect and respond to security issues. This means:

  1. Deterring would-be attacks by demonstrating an active security presence and an active approach to security management, with the right systems, equipment and security personnel in place.
  2. Detecting security risks with on-site security personnel and state-of-the-art camera and alarm systems
  3. Responding to security attacks with appropriate, robust procedures that prevent harm to individuals and minimise damage to assets and property.

Our services

Our team of security experts offers a range of services to retail customers depending on their needs. The key services that we offer to the retail sector are:

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