Securco executive close protection and residential security teams.

Our executive protection service is designed specifically to protect those who may be exposed to an increased level of risk due to their employment, status, location, or wealth. Our fully-trained, SIA-approved security team will protect any individual who could be at risk of a physical assault or even kidnapping.

A flexible close protection security solution

Our flexible service is designed to provide individuals with a security service tailored to their own specific needs, with both close protection officers and mobile security officers available. Our highly trained team will begin by completing a detailed risk assessment and security survey, which will then be used to advise upon the level of executive protection required.

We understand that every client will have individual protection requirements, so we work hard to create a tailored solution. Our flexible protection services can include:

  • Risk assessments
  • Location security
  • Close protection
  • Low-profile protection
  • Crowd management

An experienced and professional close protection team

We offer a professional protection service via our experienced and qualified close protection officers. Several of our executive protection team members are former Special Forces professionals, so you can be sure that we are offering a service you can fully rely upon.

We will provide the most experienced contractor to suit your specific requirements, with each security professional hand-selected by our senior team. At every stage of the process, we are committed to offering a flexible, professional, reliable, and focused executive protection service.

We believe that our executive protection services are critical for individuals who are exposed to increased personal risks. Whether you are based here in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, our highly trained, qualified team are ready to discuss your protection requirements. To find out more about our executive protection solutions, please contact us today.