Securco low-cost mobile patrols to protect your property.

The Securco team know how important mobile patrol units are when maintaining a successful security system. Therefore, our high-visibility mobile patrols complete both random and scheduled site visits, day and night. Whether you are looking to secure a shopping centre, office building, warehouse or vacant property, our mobile patrol team will offer a cost-effective solution to permanent manned security.

A bespoke mobile patrol service

We understand that our service often needs to go beyond simply acting as a visible deterrent to potential trespassers and intruders with our random and scheduled call outs. So, our uniformed team will conduct thorough inspections of your premises, with the ability to also provide:

  • Inspection of intruder and fire alarm activations
  • CCTV response
  • Contractor access
  • Keyholding, with site lock and unlock service
  • Lone staff escort service
  • Long staff welfare checks
  • A rapid response to emergencies
  • Internal patrols
  • Hazard checking, such as checking for open doors and windows
  • Contact with emergency services
  • Emergency locksmith services

Our mobile patrols are bespoke to our clients’ individual requirements and our experienced team will be able to offer advice based on the risks associated with your site. We understand that we are responsible for our clients’ peace of mind, so we will provide reports which show proof of attendance and details of any incidents.

A team of SIA-approved mobile security patrols

Our UK-based contractors are SIA-approved, so our services comply with all relevant legislation, including BS EN ISO 9001, BS7984 and BS 7499. Our goal is to provide you with complete reassurance so that you know your property is safe and secure. To find out more about our mobile patrols and how we can help you, please contact our team today.