Security and Safeguard Your Commercial Business with Expert Guard Services

Hiring competent and qualified security guards can be difficult. Securco makes the whole process much more straightforward by providing security guards who are rigorously trained in first-aid, fire prevention, and customer service. We also background-check every applicant so you don’t have to.

Our security guards are capable of maintaining a safe environment for your customers and members of the public. Whenever they are required to intervene in a situation, they will do so with minimal disruption to your business.

Securco provides a comprehensive analysis of the specific vulnerabilities and requirements of our clients before suggesting a solution. We integrate mobile, static, and technological elements into our decisions. Every plan we provide will include recommendations for personnel and equipment.

The duties that our licensed security guards perform include:

  • Concierge services
  • Security risk assessments
  • Fire prevention, safety, and protection
  • Perimeter patrols
  • Access control
  • First aid and emergency response
  • Monitoring of CCTV, alarm panels, and key control
  • Recommendations for personnel and equipment

Every account manager working for us is an expert. They can discuss every option in detail and help you decide on the most appropriate approach for your business. We offer both long-term security guard services and temporary security. Our consultants will work with you to help you choose the best option for your individual needs.

The rigorous training we provide to every security guard includes:

  • First aid
  • Mental health awareness and response
  • Customer service
  • Fire safety and prevention

As well as training for all of the above, every guard we provide will also be trained in any specific areas necessary for individual clients. We encourage every one of our guards to supplement their training as appropriate with any knowledge and experience that more advanced courses can provide.

Ensuring that every security guard we provide is trained to a high standard and is in possession of any relevant certification is one of the key ways that we ensure the quality of services that we provide.

We also go to great lengths to make sure that all the security guards working for us are certified and licensed by the relevant authorities. When you approach Securico to provide security guards for your event or business, you can be certain they will come with all of the following:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • SIA approval for every contractor
  • SIA licensing for every security guard

Whether you need security guards on a temporary basis or as part of a long-term arrangement, Securco can provide fully-licensed and competent security personnel for any scenario.

Professional Security Guard Services Available 24/7

Security guards are an essential component of the modern society we live in. They are responsible for maintaining order, protecting people and property from harm, and deterring criminal activity. As an SIA approved contractor, Securco provides security services across the UK, including the recruitment and training of security guards. In this essay, I will examine the role of security guards, their qualifications, and the importance of their work.

Role of Security Guards

Security guards play a significant role in maintaining order and safety in various settings, including residential, commercial, and public environments. Their primary responsibility is to prevent and deter criminal activity, including theft, vandalism, and violence. They achieve this through regular patrols and monitoring of CCTV footage to alert authorities of any suspicious activity.

Additionally, security guards are trained to perform first aid and emergency response in the event of an accident or medical emergency. They also monitor access control points, screen visitors and employees, and maintain a presence on the premises to ensure that people follow established protocols and procedures.

Qualifications of Security Guards

To become a security guard in the UK, one must attain specific qualifications and undergo rigorous training. The Security Industry Authority (SIA) regulates the security industry, and anyone intending to work as a security guard must pass an SIA-approved course. The course usually takes about four days and covers topics such as communication skills, conflict management, and emergency procedures. Upon completion, the SIA grants a licence to work as a security guard.

Furthermore, the SIA requires security guards to have specific skills and personal attributes. They should be alert, observant, and able to think critically in stressful situations. Security guards must also have good communication skills, as they must interact with the public, clients, and other security guards.

Importance of Security Guards

Security guards perform a crucial role in society by ensuring order and safety in various settings. For instance, in retail environments, security guards help to prevent shoplifting and other forms of theft. They also help to create a safe shopping environment for customers. In public spaces like parks, security guards deter and respond to criminal activity, ensuring that the public can enjoy the space without fear.

Moreover, security guards play a vital role in the prevention of terrorism. They monitor access control points and screen visitors and employees to prevent suspicious persons from accessing the premises. They also detect and report any suspicious activities or items, as well as perform first aid response in case of an emergency.


In conclusion, security guards are essential in maintaining safety and order in various environments. As an SIA approved contractor, Securco is committed to providing trained and qualified security guards who can perform their duties effectively. The qualifications and skills required to work as a security guard ensure that only capable persons are entrusted with the responsibility of protecting lives and property. Furthermore, security guards help to prevent criminal activity, create safe environments, and deter terrorism. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise the importance of security guards and appreciate their work.

Security Guards keep your people, property, and assets safe.

In today’s fast-paced world, workplace security has become increasingly important. Companies across the UK are looking for security services that can provide them with peace of mind, and that is where Securco comes in. As an SIA approved contractor, Securco provides comprehensive security solutions that ensure a safe and calm workspace. In this essay, we will explore how Securco’s Security Guards provide such an environment, highlighting key facts and details along the way.

Securco’s Security Guards are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of maintaining a secure work environment. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to deal with a range of situations, from minor disputes to more serious incidents. Part of that training includes understanding how to create a safe and calm workspace.

One of the most important ways in which Securco’s Security Guards provide a safe and calm workspace is by conducting regular patrols. These patrols help to deter potential threats and ensure that employees feel safe and secure in their work environment. The Security Guards will also carry out a thorough risk assessment of the premises, identifying any potential hazards and devising strategies to mitigate those risks. This level of detail and attention to potential risks ensures that all the necessary measures are in place to create a safe environment for everyone.

Another way in which Securco’s Security Guards provide a safe and calm workspace is by implementing access control measures. These measures not only restrict access to certain areas of the building but also ensure that only authorized personnel are granted access. This should be seen as an important aspect of any work environment across the UK. Securco realizes the importance and implements these measures to prevent unauthorized persons to enter the building and potentially harm your workforce or steal valuable assets.

However, in addition to preventing incidents from happening, Securco Security Guards are also trained to respond quickly and effectively in the event of an incident. They are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed to handle emergencies, such as first-aid kits, radios, and other communication devices. This ensures that any situation is dealt with in a swift and professional manner, reducing the risk of escalation and instilling a sense of calm among employees.

An additional element of Securco’s approach to a calm and safe workspace is customer service. The Security Guards act as the face of the company, and their interactions with employees and visitors can have a significant impact on their impression of the business. This is why Securco’s guards are trained to provide excellent customer service as well as maintaining a safe and calm work environment. They understand how to handle complaints, resolve conflicts, and provide general assistance to anyone who may need it. This approach ensures employees feel supported and safe.

In conclusion, Securco Security Guards provide an invaluable service in creating a safe and calm workspace for businesses across the UK. Their training, expertise and attention to detail enable them to identify and mitigate potential risks before they escalate into serious incidents. By implementing access control measures, conducting regular patrols, and responding quickly and effectively to emergencies, Securco’s Security Guards can reduce workplace anxiety and create a conducive working environment. Additionally, the excellent customer service provided by the Security Guards reinforces the impression of a friendly and secure work environment. It is critical to recognize and appreciate the valuable contribution provided by these Security Guards in creating such a conducive work environment.